There is a selection of videos on Youtube TaiChiOz playlists with music and voice-over instructions, including selected videos produced by other instructors that you can also use for practice.


Single and 3 times repetition

Ba Duan Jin Qigong (8 pieces of brocade) repeated 6 times

Shi Ba Shi (18 movements) sets 1 and 2

Combined qigong in 3-parts, or "Tai Chi for People in Self Isolation"

Practice video

Includes tutorial and practice videos

Tai Chi

Includes tutorial and practice video for the Yang style 8 form

Includes animation and practice videos for the Yang style 24 form

Practice videos for the Combination 42 form

Playlist for Tai Chi Fan

Playlist for longer Yang style forms

Playlist for the Sun style Tai Chi for Health
Includes mirror and rear views


First in a series of exercise videos for the relief of lower back pain


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