Ba Duan Jin

One of the most common and oldest forms of Qi Gong is Ba Duan Jin - Eight Silken Movements or Eight Pieces of Brocade. For more information and history see Green Way Research, Martrix Training and an excellent article by Dr. Anthong Shing.
The names of the eight movements are:
  1. Press the Sky with Two Hands
  2. Draw the Bow and Let the Arrow Fly
  3. Separate Heaven and Earth
  4. The Wise Owl Looks from Side to Side
  5. The Big Bear Turns from Side to Side
  6. Hold the Feet with Both Hands
  7. Punch with Angry Eyes
  8. Shake the Body
NOTE: There are a number of different versions of this form, and some people may practice the movements in a different order. There is a detailed explanation with accompanying videos on the Eastcare website

BaDuanJin Videos

The following video has text and audio prompts, and is in mirror image for easy following.
There are 6 repetitions of each movement.

BaDuanJin - TaiChiOz

The videos below each use 6 repetitions of each movement.
Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung - Master Faye Yip Demonstration
Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung - Guifang Liu Demonstration
Video from China - "Bieyuanqing twists and turns"

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