This form is known as the Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 52 or the 52 Movements Fan (Shang) Form.

This is a dramatic form created by Professor Li Deyin (b 1938-) a a famous Taiji boxer from Hebei. He practiced martial arts since his childhood with his grandfather Li Yulin and uncle Li Tianyi. This included Shaolin boxing, Wudang sword and other martial arts. In 2001 he created the Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 52 Form for the 2008 Summer Olympics in China. He based the form on the characteristic Kung Fu and Tai Chi postures with the fan's artistic and martial functions although the fan is not a traditional Wushu (武術 or 武术 "martial techniques") fighting style.

The 52 movements of the whole routine can be separated into 6 sections. The movements are listed below:

  1. Opening form
  2. Diagonal flying
  3. White crane spreads its wings
  4. Bee returns to the hive
  5. Night Demons Search the Sea
  6. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
  7. Turn Body and Split Mountain
  8. Cat Catches the Butterfly
  9. Viewing flowers on Horseback

  10. Parting the Wild Horse's Mane
  11. Swallow Flies High
  12. Bee Returns to the Hive
  13. Tiger pounces on Prey
  14. Praying Mantis Catches Cicada
  15. LeadHorse to Turn Head
  16. Sparrow Hawk Spins in the Air
  17. Viewing Flowers on Horseback

  18. Pushing the Mountain
  19. Dragon Turns His Head
  20. Spurring on the Horse
  21. Raising the Whip High
  22. Embracing the Moon
  23. Striking Against the Wind
  24. Sweeping Sleeves in the Wind
  25. The General Raises the Flag
  26. Holding Fan in Front of Chest

  27. Parting the Wild Horse's Mane
  28. Swallow Flies High
  29. Bee Returns to the Hive
  30. Tiger pounces on Prey
  31. Praying Mantis Catches Cicada
  32. Lead horse to Turn Head
  33. Sparrow Hawk Spins in the Air
  34. Viewing Flowers on Horseback

  35. Elbow Strikes on Horseback
  36. Firecracker Explodes
  37. Parry Forward
  38. Double Foot Stomp
  39. Dragon Fights the Tiger
  40. Fair Lady Shuttle Push
  41. Sky Goddess Releases the Flowers
  42. The General Raises the Flag
  43. Ba Gua Walking

  44. Holding the Big Dipper
  45. Grasp the Bird's Tail
  46. Roll Back, Press and Push
  47. Shu Qin Carries Sword Behind Back
  48. Brush Knee
  49. Snake Creeps Down
  50. Pull the Bow to Shoot the Tiger
  51. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  52. Conclusion

Two of the best tutorials on the Tai Chi Fan 52 form than can be found on Youtube by its creator (I believe) Li Deyin with English subtitles. Part 2 includes a full performance viewed from the rear at the end of the video:

Part 1

Part 2

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 52 Form front view

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 52 Form rear view

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 52 Form performed by Derek May

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 52 Form rear view performed by Derek May

This is the same version by Basia from Poland
who performs in a completely different Wushu or martial arts style.

This is an example of the Taiji Fan Praying Mantis Style from Vietnam.

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