The Long Life 32 Qi Gong is originates from Vietnam and focuses on back strength and balance. This Qi Gong form is little-known outside Vietnam, and very few videos are available.

The movements are listed below:

  1. Begin in ready position
  2. Raise arms in front of you
  3. Spread arms apart
  4. Rotate Left
  5. Rotate Right
  6. Return arms in front of you
  7. 1 step, 2 step open stance
  8. Arms reaching up and arching back
  9. Arms reaching down and towards the ground
  10. Return arms in front of you
  11. Fists on waist
  12. Open palms and pushing forward
  13. Arms reaching up and looking up
  14. Spread arms apart with yin-yang fists
  15. Rotate left to front stance
  16. Right leg front kick,  return to the front,
  17. Rotate right to front stance
  18. Left leg front kick, return to the front, 
  19. Face forward with fists on chest
  20. Bend down to right, rotate to left
  21. Arch back left side
  22. Bend down to left, rotate to right
  23. Arch back right side
  24. Bend down to the front, lift body
  25. Come to horse stance
  26. Fists on waist
  27. Open palms and pushing forward
  28. Palms together, cross hands, turn to the left, arms spread apart, return to the front,
  29. Palms together, cross hands, turn to the right, arms spread apart
  30. Right foot and arms pivot to the front
  31. Bring left leg and arms into ready position
  32. Close

Long Life 32 with instructions by Ric Bolzan

Vietnamese 32 Form Qigong led by Chen Sen Vinh
with the Thai Nguyen Street Health Club
District 5 TTV in Ho Chi Minh City

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