This page contains information about fitness and exercise, and it also contains a Seniors Circuit Workout suitable to do at home.

Stretching and Warm-up

10 Reasons why you must stretch prior to exercise

Some Of The Basic Techniques Of Stretching

Don’t stretch too far especially in the beginning. Do a slight stretch and increase it gradually as you feel yourself relax.

You Should Not Stretch When...

Seniors Circuit Workout

This page contains some basic fitness exercises, including a short warm-up and cool-down.

If you have an injury do not delay our team of chartered physiotherapists will be able to guide you on a tailor made programme of rehabilitation exercises. You will be shown when it is safe to recommence stretching.

Here are the audio files for practice at home:

  1. Warmup Stretches [6 minutes]
  2. Exercises with full instructions [11 minutes] OR Exercises with minimal instructions [10 minutes]
  3. Cooldown [3 minutes]

Stretches without weights

Initial warm-up stretches without weights to prepare for workout. Commence with feet shoulder width apart and knees relaxed.

1. Arm Lifts - Front 2. Arm Lifts - Side 3. Jumping Jacks - without the jump 4. Open up the arms 5. Upward stretch 6. Side stretch 7. Neck Stretch 8. Triceps stretch 9. Shoulder Stretch 10. Side lunge 11. Forward Stretch

Exercises with weights

1. Arm Lifts - Front 2. Arm Lifts - Side 3. Rotator cuffs 4. Bend Over Side Raise 5. Shoulder Press 6. Upward Row 7. Bicep Curls 8. Forearm Curls 9. Triceps Curls 10.Side Twist 11.Squats 12.Bowing 13.Bent over rowing 14.Chainsaw pull up 15.Lunges 16.Kettle ball arm swing


Cool Down without weights

Leg Stretch Quad stretch Balance 4. Forward Stretch


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