The Lotus or Lotus Blossom Qi Gong is a continuous flowing Qigong which aims to help relaxation and improve general health and wellbeing. Rather than repeating individual movements a number of times, the entire Qigong sequence is repeated.

The movements are listed below:

  1. Preparation
  2. Waving Hands
  3. Turtle Treads Water
  4. Snow Rabbit Digs the Earth
  5. Maiden Spreads Water Over the Garden
  6. Raindrops Fall on the Lotus
  7. Lotus Flower Blossoms
  8. Face the Wind
  9. Lift The Sky, Press the Earth
  10. White Crane Spreads It's Wings
  11. Snow Rabbit Digs the Earth
  12. Wave Hands in the Air and Close

Lotus Qi Gong demonstrated by amanda Heidke

Lotus Qi Gong demonstrated by Theresa Perry

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