Wudang Tai Yi You Long Men or Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Sect (太乙游龙门) is a Chinese Martial Arts system passed through generations in Grandmaster Yu Anren's family. According to legend, Swimming Dragon was created by the Daoist master who was imprisoned for a long time. He had very little room to move in his prison cell and created a way of practicing in a small area (two by two meters).

The forms in this system are preformed continuously and smoothly like clouds floating and water flowing; they look like dragons swimming in the sky.

The movements are:
Part 1
1. The sleeping dragon awakens and stretches
2. The sleeves of the Daoist unfold
3. The Power of the Immeasurable God
4. The white monkey presents fruit
5. The golden rooster fights a boa
6. Sending a bird into the forest
7. The dragonfly touches the water
8. The yellow dragon stirs up the waves
9. The weaver threads a shuttle
10. Rowing a boat through the lotus
11. Scooping the moon from the bottom of the sea
12. The golden cicada sheds its skin
13. The Daoist child tolls a bell
14. The white snake twines around the body
15. Pushing a boat with the current
16. Looking into the future
17. The green dragon emerges from the sea
18. Bawang bends his bow
19. The dragon dives to the bottom of the sea
20. The white monkey presents fruit

Part 2
21. The swimming dragon plays in the water
22. Blowing out the lamp through the window
23. Fishing for a needle at sea-bottom
24. Bawang raises a big tripod
25. Offering incense to the heavens
26. The iron gate opens wide
27. Two dragons play with a ball
28. The Daoist boy takes a qin in his arms
29. The green dragon raises its tail
30. The clever monkey steals a peach
31. Turning heaven and earth
32. Turning back to shoot an arrow
33. Opening the window to see the moon
34. The white crane stretches its leg
35. The shooting star chases the moon
36. The dragon coils and the tiger lies down
37. Heaven above and the earth below
38. The flood dragon turns its body
39. The black dragon swings its tail
40. The white monkey presents fruit

Part 3
41. All ideas become one
42. Respectfully gazing up to the gods
43. Paying respects to the god of the earth
44. The spirit emerges and ascends to heaven
45. Collecting qi in the dan tian
46. Removing the royal boots upside-down
47. The crown prince's golden bell
48. Shooting an arrow from a standing position
49. A fair and equal division
50. The Power of the Immeasurable God
51. The yellow dragon enters a hole
52. The swallow flies aslant
53. The green dragon emerges from the sea
54. Seeking treasure in the south mountain
55. The lanneret pounces on its prey
56. The golden rooster stands on one leg
57. Whip up the horse and make a toast
58. The Daoist child tolls a bell
59. The old Daoist monk arranges his beard
60. The golden stream returns to the dan tian

Sourced from You Long Quan website.



Demonstration by Guifang Liu

Demonstration by Li Yong Liang

Taichi Qigong-Taiyi Swimming Dragon Quan (first form)

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