The Luohan (Lohan) 18 palms movements Qi Gong is a gentle, flowing Qi Gong exercise routine that requires more strength and flexibility than Ba Duan Jin or Shi Ba Shi.

Its origins are traced back the the Buddhist influence in China from India. As with many Qi Gong forms there are a number of variations and/or names for the movements. You can find more information on the, and Green Way Research  websites.

Each movement is preformed 2-4 times:

  1. Yin-Yang/Sun-Moon Palm
  2. Topple Mountain Range With Palms
  3. Black Tiger Pushes The Mountain
  4. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  5. Child Worshiping Buddha To The  Sky
  6. The Emperor Holds Up The Tower
  7. Venerating The Origin
  8. The Snake Comes Out Of The Cave
  9. Open The Bow To Shoot The Vulture
  10. The Powerful Tiger Stretches Its Back
  11. Golden Cock Stands On One Leg
  12. White Tiger Looks Down The Road
  13. White Crane Stretches
  14. Kick With The Heel
  15. Fast Kick
  16. Turn The Body With Twisted Steps
  17. Luohan Dries His Gown In The Sun
  18. Sword Fingers

Bojan Zimmermann performing Luohan 18 movements

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