The Yang Style 8 Form (also known as the 10 Form) was was created in Beijing in 1999 and is popular for its simplicity. It is also symmetrical and requires little space to practice.

This form is a good introduction into the Yang style as is uses most of the key elements. An explanatory PDF document can be found on the Lai tai chi website.

Commencing form: Step to the left, lift hands, both hands rise to shoulder level and lower the arms.
  1. Repulse Monkey Right then left.
  2. Brush Knee left, Twist Step, Brush Knee right
  3. Twist Step, Part the Wild Horse's Mane left then Twist Step, Part the Wild Horse's Mane right.
  4. Move Hands Like Clouds Left side 2 times, then right 2 times
  5. Golden Cock Stands on One Leg right leg up, then left leg up
  6. Cross hands and Heel Kick right, then Heel Kick left
  7. Grasp the Bird's Tail right, , Twist Step, Grasp the Bird's Tail right
  8. Cross Hands Embrace the Tiger
Closing form: Both hands fall to the side, left leg drawn to the right foot.

A very detailed series of video instructions can be found at Youtube at: How to learn 8 Form Tai Chi

Mirror view tutorial by Ric Bolzan

Video from iTai Chi Studio

Video of rear view by Qiu Huifang.

Video featuring Gao Jiamin

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