The 48 Form (or Combined 48 Form) is another standardized Taijiquan sequence which was compiled by the Chinese National Athletic Association in 1976.

It broadened the content of the Simplified Taijiquan Yang style sequence by adding additional postures from the Chen, Wu, and Sun styles of Taijiquan.

The new postures were modified and performed with the characteristic "flavor" of the Yang Style. Therefore, the same guidelines and principles of Yang Style Taijiquan applies to the 48 Posture Taijiquan. The only exception is that the Simplified Taijiquan sequence is performed at an even pace, and the 48 Posture Taijiquan includes some fast movements.

The movements can be divided into 6 sections:

Section 1
  1. The White Crane Flashes Its Wings
  2. Brush Knee and Twist Step on Left
  3. Single Whip - Left Style
  4. Hand Strums the Lute - Left Style
  5. Stroke and Push - 4 times
  6. Turn to Strike, Parry and Punch - Left Style
  7. Fend Off, Stroke Bird's Tail, Push and Press - Left Style
Section 2
  1. Lean Obliquely to Right
  2. Punch Under Elbow to Left
  3. Step Back and Repulse Monkey (Whirl Arms) - 4 times
  4. Turn in, Push Palms in 4 directions
  5. Step Back, Hand Strums the Lute - Right Style
  6. Brush Knee and Punch Downward
Section 3
  1. The White Snake Puts Out Its Tongue
  2. Pat Foot and Subdue the Tiger - Right and Left
  3. Turn to Left to Strike with Fist
  4. Thread Palm on Crouch Step
  5. Fend Off on One Leg
  6. Single Whip - Right Style
Section 4
  1. Wave Hands Like Clouds - Right Style
  2. Part the Horse's Mane on Both Sides
  3. High Pat on Horse
  4. Kick with Right Heel
  5. Strike Opponent's Ears with Both Fists
  6. Kick with Left Heel
  7. Strike with Hidden Fist
  8. Needle at Sea Bottom
  9. Flash the Arm
Section 5
  1. Kick with Right and Left Feet
  2. Brush Knee on Left and Right Bow Steps
  3. Step Forward to Strike
  4. Apparent Close-Up
  5. Wave Hands Like Clouds - Left Style
  6. Turn to the Right to Strike
  7. Work at Shuttles on Both Sides
  8. Step Back and Thread Palm
Section 6
  1. Press Down Palms on Empty Step
  2. Stand on One Leg and Hold Out Palm
  3. Push Forearm on Horse-riding Step
  4. Turn Body with Big Strokes
  5. Swing Palm on Crouch Step
  6. Step Forward to Cross Fists
  7. Stand on One Leg to Mount the Tiger
  8. Turn Body for a Lotus Leg Swing
  9. Draw a Bow to Shoot the Tiger
  10. Turn to Strike, Parry and Punch - Right Style
  11. Fend Off, Stroke, Push and Press - Right Style
  12. Cross Hands

Sifu Amin Wu demonstrates the 48 Form - Front View

William Tsai demonstrates the 48 Form - Rear View with English commentary

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