The Tai Chi 40 Form set of techniques was created from the "traditional" Tai Chi 108 Form, by removing repetitions and some minor adjustments of the technique. The idea was to create a straightforward form, that is shorter, but still includes all the essential movements.

There are slight differences in the movements to those used in the 24 Simplified Form, mainly in reduced wight transfer for foot adjustment and hand positions.

The movements are:
1. Commencing Form
2. Grasp the Bird's Tail - Right Side
3. Single Whip
4. Lift Hand
5. White Crane Spreads Wings
6. Brush Knee Push - Both Sides
7. Hand Strums the Lute
8. Step Up to Deflect Downward, Parry and Thrust
9. Apparent Closeup
10. Diagonal Flying
11. Fist Under Elbow
12. Step Back and Repulse the Monkey - Left and Right Sides
13. Fair Maiden Works the Shuttles - Left and Right Sides
14. Part the Wild Horse's Mane - Left and Right Sides
15. Wave Hands Like Clouds - Two Times
16. Single Whip
17. High Pat on Horse
18. Kick With Right Heel
19. Box Opponent's Ears with Both Fists
20. Separate Left Foot
21. Turn and Kick With Heel
22. Needle at Sea Bottom
23. Fan Through the Back
24. Snake Sticks Out Its Tongue
25. Pat Foot
26. Strike the Tiger - Left and Right Sides
27. Snake Creeps Down - Right Side
28. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg - Right and Left Sides
29. Punch Opponent's Groin
30. Grasp the Bird's Tail - Right Side
31. Single Whip
32. Snake Creeps Down - Left Side
33. Step Up to Seven Stars
34. Step Back to Ride the Tiger
35. Turn and Sweep the Lotus With One Foot
36. Shoot the Tiger
37. Deflect Downward, Parry and Thrust
38. Apparent Closeup
39. Cross Hands
40. Closing Form

Sifu Amin Wu demonstrates to 40 Form - Front View

Sifu Amin Wu demonstrates to 40 Form - Rear View

Other videos: Zong Weijie

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