Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan, has become known as the "lost" Yang-style tai chi chuan form It  combines aspects of Yang Style with qualities that added strength and versatility.

Guang Ping's stances are lower and wider than Yang style but not as pronounced as Chen style and are also distinguished by little weight difference between leading and trailing foot in certain moves.

The form comprises 64 movements with some repetition. The movements of the form are listed below:
  1. Strike palm to ask Buddha
  2. Grasp Bird's Tail
  3. Single whip
  4. Stork cools its wings
  5. Brush knee and twist
  6. Deflect, parry & punch
  7. Step up, apparent closing up
  8. Carry tiger to the mountain (I)
  9. Fist under elbow
  10. Repulse the monkey
  11. Slow palm slanting flying
  12. Raise the right hand, raise the left hand
  13. Flying pull back
  14. Fan through the arm
  15. Green dragon rises from water
  16. Single whip
  17. Wave hands like clouds (I)
  18. Single whip
  19. High pat on horse (I)
  20. Separate right foot, separate left foot
  21. Turn, kick with heel
  22. Wind blows lotus leaves
  23. Finger block up with punch
  24. Turn, kick two feet upward
  25. Step in, deflect, parry & punch
  26. Retreat, arms beside body
  27. Left foot kicks up and forward
  28. Turn, kick with heel
  29. Step in, deflect, parry & punch
  30. Apparent closing up
  31. Carry tiger to the mountain (II)
  32. Chop opponent with fist
  33. Diagonal single whip
  34. Part the wild horse's mane
  35. Diagonal single whip
  36. Fair lady works the shuttle
  37. Step up, grasp the bird's tail
  38. Single whip
  39. Wave hands like clouds (I)
  40. Single whip, moving down
  41. Golden cock stands on one leg
  42. Repulse the monkey
  43. Slow palm slanting flying
  44. Raise the right hand, raise the left hand
  45. Flying pulling back
  46. Fan through the arm
  47. Wind blasts the ears
  48. Cannon through the sky
  49. Single whip
  50. Wave hands like clouds (II)
  51. Single whip
  52. High pat on horse (II)
  53. Cross wave of lotus, downward punch
  54. Step up, grasp the bird's tail
  55. Single whip
  56. Wave hands like clouds (II)
  57. Single whip moving down
  58. Step up to form seven stars
  59. Retreat, ride the tiger
  60. Slanting body, turn to the moon
  61. Cross wave of lotus foot
  62. Bend the bow, shoot the tiger
  63. Grasp the bird's tail right & left
  64. Grand Terminus

The video below shows the form with Posture Names:

A later version:

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