Ric Bolzan 17 September 2021.

With the arrival of Covid-19 and the requirements to maintain social distancing, "live" classes have been seriously effected, and many teaching professionals have moved online. The application of choice has been Zoom, but how does an online class compare with a live class - for the instructor and participants?

Teaching Online
Zoom teaching session
Presenting Qigong and Tai Chi Quan classes online is more akin to a lecture rather than a tutorial, therefore it cannot be run in the same way as a live class. Online classes cannot achieve the "immersion" of live classes because of both the physical and emotional distance between instructor and participants and the difficulty of "reading" the movements of all participants.

If it is a small group, up to 8 participants, it is possible to view and correct the participants so a degree of teaching complex movements and/or routines is possible. However, with larger groups it is preferable to conduct it more as practice where the participants follow the instructor. Teaching small sections or spending time focusing on details can then be introduced to relieve the monotony of repeated practice and improve the skills of the participants.

I highly recommend that you use an assistant (who could be in a separate location) to manage the technical aspects of running the class so that you can maintain your focus on presentation and teaching, and engage with the participants. The second person would coordinate the online process: bookings, payments (if applicable), attendance, muting when required, handling chat and questions, etc. The assistant could be a participant who spends the time before the class to coordinate the login process for participants.

If you try to run everything alone, you should allow sufficient time before the class to manage the login process, starting the "meeting" at least 10 minutes before the actual start time.

The class structure will be determined by the following criteria:



Sample setup for Zoom presentation showing laptop/camera location, separate keyboard and mouse controls, second monitor, presentation notes, lesson plan, Right and Left signs for mirroring.

Before the class starts, spend some time on preparation:


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